Welcome to the Web site for EM-Power Inc. and EM-Power (UK) Ltd. EM-Power is a premier business consulting company providing one-stop business consulting and training services in the areas specified below.

What we believe!!
We believe that a successful business consulting company must deliver services and programs that provide specific business results for their Customers. We help customers achieve these specific business results by working with them to understand their true business needs and delivering customized solutions and programs which are not just an event, but part of the journey to achieve their business goals.

Here are the Four Key Results Areas (KRAs) We Specialize In.

Personality Powering Performance With TypeCoach

To enable the daily application of Psychological Type in business, we at EM-Power we have developed an innovative personality profiling approach using Keirsey's concepts of Temperament, Linda Beren's work on Interaction Styles and Jung's theory of cognitive processes, resulting in each individual identifying their MBTI┬« True Type (or Working Style). In support of these programs we work closely with TypeCoach to provide a multi-step learning experience to unlock your full potential. Please visit our Personality Powering Performance page to learn more.

Skills Building Programs

EM-Power has developed many customized skills improvement programs in the areas of Coaching, Conflict Management, Focused Facilitation, Managing Priorities, Managing Meetings, Leadership and Interviewing. Visit our Skills Building Page to review the services provided and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Customer Experience Management

Successfully managing the 360 degree Customer Experience requires an understanding in many areas including the Material and Personal Service components and how these can be effectively employed in all aspects of customer interactions.

Our range of training programs, such as the Customer FIRST and Essential Customer Service workshops, provide detailed skills that can be used in real-world scenarios to improve standards of service to customers. Visit or CEM Page to discover the services we provide and their associated success stories.

T.E.A.C.H To Learn

Most of the training programs we have developed, have been intensely skills-based with duration being anywhere between two hours and five days. All learning materials follow a program development model to maximize learning and retention, known as T.E.A.C.H. This unique process ensures that all programs are highly interactive, where all participants have the opportunity to get engaged so that learning and retention rates are enhanced.

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We also offer an extensive "Train the Trainer" process in all of the above KRA's.