Customer Experience Management

At EM-Power We Provide a Series of Highly Interactive Programmes That Facilitate the Why, What and How for Customer Service Representatives in all Industries, to Fully Optimise the Customer Experience and Increase Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention.

You have the best-quality, feature-rich product on the market, you have hired top talent from across the industry, and yet your company is not performing as it should. Your customer satisfaction, NPS and Customer Effort scores, are low and your customer retention rate is falling.  Why? 

Maybe your customer needs are not being met, or the customer does not feel valued?  You may have forgotten that often the critical competitive edge in becoming a market leader is reached by exceeding customers’ expectations and managing the complete customer experience.  As business grows in the 21st century, understanding and managing the Whole customer experience, at ALL touch points, remains a fundamental factor for business success and profitability. 

The reasons for this are many, but we will focus on two.  First, customers' expectations have risen: ‘mass class’ prevails where more goods and services are available, to more people, for less cost than ever before.  Second, customers have fewer opportunities to receive personal service than even 10 years ago: witness the automated tellers, the decline of home delivery, the growth of Internet malls, etc.  So when the customer has an opportunity to receive service from an organisation, they often have a pent-up need for human interaction. 

The combination of these two factors makes delivering exceptional service and optimising the whole customer experience as important today as ever before.  As a result, some organisations leap on the customer service bandwagon.  They produce fancy slogans, offer incentives and train their people, often to no avail.  Why?  Because optimising the customer experience and exceeding customers’ expectations involves company-wide change that needs constant reinforcement and effort.  It requires a continuous process of efforts in the both Material and Personal Service - it is not just an event. 

In the evolution of presenting Customer Experience programs for our clients, and writing two books on customer satisfaction management, we have developed our offering from “customer experience management training” to a consultative 360-Degree solutions approach to Optimize the Customer Experience. These programmes are designed to help build a “high-touch 360-Degree” culture within organizations that want to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, maximise customer retention and drive profitability.