Personality Powering Performance

Chances are you've taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or will. Roughly 2 million people a year do and it has become the gold standard of psychological assessments, used in businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. However, after you have taken the MBTI®, what do you do with the results? This is where EM-Power can help!

To enable the successful application of Type theory in business, we at EM-Power have developed an innovative personality profiling approach using Keirsey's concepts of Temperament, Linda Beren's work on Interaction Styles® and Jung's theory of cognitive processes resulting in each individual identifying their MBTI® True Type (or Working Style), through these Multiple Type Lenses. Extensive work has been completed to link these exciting theories to real business application to drive productivity, performance and real, bottom line results.

Overall Benefits of Applying WholeType Knowledge in Business

  • Reduced conflict in organizations (e.g. research by Confederation of British Industry estimated that conflict costs UK businesses over £33 billion a year)
  • Higher employee engagement and motivation levels (shown to positively impact customer service, employee retention and profit)
  • Greater individual, team and organizational flexibility
  • Increased team productivity due to more effective team roles and structure in particular where teams are culturally or geographically diverse
  • Quicker decision making
  • Breaks down inter-departmental barriers supporting cross functional co-operation
  • Less employee turnover due to better balance of team styles
  • Raised overall effectiveness due to being able to adapt style, and position product/service to better meet customer needs.

This methodology has been customized to today's fast-paced, competitive environment and successfully implemented for over 5,000 people within a wide range of corporations including KPMG, Kerring, PUMA, Unilever and Google, to name just a few.

Our exciting new offering, Collaborative Leadership, helps managers become aware of personality differences in their team members, and aids in identifying how to adapt communication and leadership style to optimize results.

In addition, we work closely with TypeCoach to provide an exciting array of on-line tools to easily link this methodology to the day-to-day application of the MBTI lenses in business settings. Moving from type awareness to applying type on a daily basis requires a multi-step learning experience. TypeCoach provides practical online tools for before and after your Personality Powering Performance session(s) that focus on how to use type on a daily basis.

TypeCoach provides these exciting features:

  • An Online Verifier: A 20 minute interactive, video-based experience that leads participants through the process of discovering "best fit" type and provides a highly practical 5-page report.
  • Online Coaching Videos: Each video is customized to each of the 16 Types.
  • Online Type-to-Type Charts: An interactive type chart provides top 10 tips for how to communicate with an individual given their unique combo of YOUR type and THEIR type (ENFP->ENTJ etc.).

Please visit the Type-Coach web site to learn more!